10 Inspiring Social Selling Gurus
That You Must Follow

Social selling is the art of engaging with prospects on social media, answering questions and (re)sharing valuable content. But since so many people are doing it, how do you choose who to follow in order to be up to date and find good tips for your business? We can help.
To begin with, let's define what we understand by social selling gurus.

Social selling guru (n.)

- A person who uses social "currency" to build their brand and interacts with prospects by engaging in conversations and nurturing relationships.

What these people have in common is that, apart from the services they provide, they post valuable free content online in order to build rapport. Now that the definition's out of the way, we want to share with you who inspires us to hustle, gives us new perspectives and ideas for our business. Why? Because everyone needs some motivation every once in a while and we draw inspiration from the pros.

We researched a number of sales professionals and entrepreneurs and included our personal recommendations to compile this list of social selling gurus to follow on social media in 2019.
Here's our top 10:
1. Dan Lok
LinkedIn: Dan Lok

The entrepreneur and self-made multi-millionaire, who discusses both sales and business-oriented topics, teaches you about the "millionaire mindset". He talks a lot about objections, how to discover your client's needs and how to deliver your message right. If you want to close like Dan, check out all of the free content he shares on Twitter and YouTube.

2. Scott Barker
Webinar Guru
LinkedIn: Scott Barker

As Head of partnerships of Sales Hacker Scott Barker offers plenty of insightful webinars on topics within the B2B sales and marketing field. If you're on the lookout for innovative B2B sales strategies, he is the person to follow.

3. Becc Holland
Personalization Expert
LinkedIn: Becc Holland

Becc Holland is familiar with both the tech and sales world - she started as a frontline SDR and is now the RVP of Business Development at G2 Track. She also introduced the inspiring idea of personalization at scale. Her free training sessions for SDRs are another way Holland builds her brand online.

4. Koka Sexton
Social Selling Visionary
LinkedIn: Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton is a recognized social selling guru, some say he was the one that started the whole movement. He founded Social Selling Labs to help other salespeople with their social strategies and with his expertise in content marketing, he definitely knows how to add value.

5. Gary Vaynerchuk
Entrepreneur and YouTube Host
LinkedIn: Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vee is an influential CEO and public figure who can inspire your own business success through his NYT best-sellers, top 100 global podcast and business advice show
#AskGaryVee. When he tells you what the best strategies are, you better take notes.

6. Neil Patel
Leading Online Marketer
LinkedIn: Neil Patel

One of the people shaping the digital marketing landscape is the online marketer Neil Patel. He's recognized by Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and the United Nations and has established himself as a social influencer. His content ranges from tips about creating an online identity to driving traffic to your business - take advantage of the knowledge of a real marketing guru!

7. Melonie Dodaro
Best-selling Author
LinkedIn: Melonie Dodaro

The next social selling pro on our list is the CEO of Top DogSocial Media and best-selling author, Melonie Dodaro. She inspires with her perspective on sales, knowledge of LinkedIn and can teach you how to grow by implementing social selling in your strategy.

8. Grant Cardone
Entrepreneur & Best-selling Author
LinkedIn: Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a top marketer, sales coach, speaker, real estate mogul, and entrepreneur, whose views and ideas on a number of business topics will give you some food for thought. We also highly recommend his best-selling book "The 10x Rule"!

9. Jonathan Aufray
Growth Hacker
LinkedIn: Jonathan Aufray

Interested in growth hacking? Then follow Jonathan Aufray, the CEO of Growth Hackers. His dynamic persona will inspire you to work hard for the growth of your business and experiment with creative strategies!

10. Gabe Villamizar
Social Selling Coach
LinkedIn: Gabe Villamizar

Gabe Villamizar is the Global Sales Evangelist at Lucidchart and posts a great deal of helpful articles on LinkedIn. In addition, he often shares inspirational quotes or thoughts, and starts conversations in his posts where you can read about everyone's experiences in the comments.

This list is not exhaustive and of course, there are many more social selling experts that are worth following. Who else do you have on your list? We'd love to hear your suggestions.

And finally, if you hadn't yet, now you probably realise how important social selling is. Would you like to start building your online brand too? Click here to learn how to begin with your LinkedIn Profile - Top 9 LinkedIn Profile Optimization tips to follow in 2019 or simply connect with our team!
The Author:
Nia Ilieva, Marketing Manager at Prosply
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