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Global Marketing Day 2019

The unique event brought together thousands of marketers and covered all of the hot topics in marketing from 2019. In this article we share which were our favourite sessions as well as the key takeaways from the event.
Global Marketing Day 2019 was a one of a kind virtual event organized by SEMrush, which streamed live from studios in Sydney, London, New York and San Francisco non stop for a whooping 24 hours! It was a massive event as well, with 50,000 marketers participating and 130 speakers from Google, LinkedIn, Adobe, BBC, Dell, Microsoft and many more. We must admit, we had a really bad case of FOMO and were tempted to stay up all night, so we wouldn't miss anything. Now we finally caught up with all the great talks and can't wait to share what we have learned from some of the world's top marketers.

Key insights:
  • Understand your audience
  • Tell a story
  • Repurpose content for different platforms
  • Create trust & credibility

These are the points that kept coming up when the experts talked about content marketing and building your personal brand. Global Marketing Day 2019 was jam-packed with amazing presentations, so if you missed it, here are the ones that impressed us the most.

Our favourites:
Lee Odden: "Content Marketing Fitness - 10 Exercises to Build Your Marketing Beach Body"
CEO TopRank Marketing
Twitter: leeodden
LinkedIn: Lee Odden

First of all, how hilarious is this title? Lee Odden shared his unique view of how to improve the "fitness of your marketing" and get rid of unhealthy habits by drawing a parallel between fitness and content marketing. We loved his idea that "marketing is a journey" and you need to commit to your chosen strategy, just like with diet and exercise. We're starting Monday!

Cristy Garratt: "Maximizing for social media: how to repurpose your content for multiple platforms"
Head of Digital Video & Social Media, CNBC International
Twitter: CristyGarratt
LinkedIn: Cristy Garratt

From Cristy Garratt's talk we learned that it's not enough to produce a great piece of content and post it everywhere, but you need to adapt it to the expectations of the audience of each platform. That means giving people what they came (on that platform) for, be it watching a video, reading an article or sharing something with family and friends. Plus, Cristy's suggestion to transform statistics from a video to an infographic is brilliant!

Tania Mushtaq: "Cutting through the content cacophony: the seven Cs of smart content you can't ignore"
Head of Marketing, Asia Pasific and Japan, Dell Boomi
Twitter: tanmushi
LinkedIn: Tania Mushtaq

Tania Mushtaq introduced the concept of the "human iceberg", consisting of the public, the social and the personal zone. She made the point that content shouldn't be created at the public level but reach the personal zone by clear and bold storytelling, which customers can relate to. Another thing we took away from her presentation was to always ask the people from your organisation for feedback - they might know customers' pain points better than the marketers!

Terry Rice: How Storytelling Drives the Purchase Process
Digital Marketing Expert-in-residence, Entrepreneur Magazine
Twitter: itsterryrice
LinkedIn: Terry Rice

The digital marketing pro brought to our attention the disconnect between marketers and customers when it comes to the question if branded or user-generated content is more authentic. His "Gotham Model" helps content creators determine their value proposition and unique differentiator, figure out how to create trust and evoke emotions in their audience. In our opinion, it's a tool that everyone should start using.

Goldie Chan: "Personal branding for leaders"
Personal Branding & Storytelling Contributor, Forbes
Twitter: GoldieChan
LinkedIn: Goldie Chan

Goldie Chan, aka "The Oprah of LinkedIn", educated us about the importance of building a personal brand in order to establish yourself as a credible source and strengthen your network. Because everyone wants to be trusted enough to get quoted! Goldie explained that good leaders need to inspire their teams and be a catalyst of change. She also ranked LinkedIn as the number 1 platform for building your personal brand! We couldn't agree more.

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The Author:
Nia Ilieva, Marketing Manager at Prosply
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