How to choose an effective outreach channel

How would you prefer to reach out to your audience? Do you plan to send out a cold email campaign, contact people on LinkedIn, or just call them?
As was mentioned before, there are so many ways to engage with your prospects using both inbound and outbound strategies. You need to keep in mind which companies you're focused on and evaluate which channel will bring better results. For instance, if your product is a recruiting tool and you're targeting HR directors in huge IT companies — you will probably choose email as your main channel to contact them. However, if you've decided to offer your solution to CEOs in young startups, LinkedIn can be much more productive. Assess how your potential customers usually connect with other businesses, where they are the most active, and get the most out of these sources.
"Details create the big picture" — Sanford I. Weill
These simple but meaningful words describe the next important stage in our roadmap. When you decide to kick off the reaching out process, the further steps, as well as the final goal, should be crystal clear for everyone. Whether you're considering attracting your customers via social media, personalized email campaign, or cold calling, you need to think over every phase of your interaction with the potential customer, starting with the initial contact through the final closing of the deal.

Mulling over the specific number of follow-ups, precise schedule for each contact, nurturing tactics for interested leads, or next steps for not interested leads — all of these are crucial for gauging your progress and building an effective Lead Generation strategy.
The Author:
Alena Bohomol, Co-Founder of Prosply
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