LinkedIn Profile management
to generate qualified sales prospects

Our LinkedIn Profile Management service is designed to help you leverage your personal brand by growing your professional network on LinkedIn and engaging with your connections to drive warm discussions and generate interest in your offering .

Social media and professional networks like LinkedIn have become an integral part of our daily life. That's why many decision makers and sales executives are so eager to use its potential to the fullest to connect with other businesses and establish long-lasting relationships with prospects. LinkedIn is the fastest growing social media channel for B2B professionals with more than 260 million monthly active users, so it has become very attractive and valuable from the business perspective.

Our LinkedIn Profile Management service is designed to help B2B professionals, Sales managers, CEOs, VCs, startup teams, recruiters, engineering leaders and anyone who would like to strengthen their personal, maximize their prospecting efforts and leverage their professional network on LinkedIn by:
  • growing your network with like-minded professionals;
  • connecting with industry leaders and target buyer personas;
  • generating responses and driving interest turning cold prospects into warm leads;
  • discovering new sales opportunities by focusing on prospects challenges;
  • engaging with prospects to nurture them into customers;
  • increasing personal brand visibility by sharing industry related news.
What we do to leverage the full power of LinkedIn
1st step
1st step
your ideal buyer profile and define search requirements for your target audience.
2nd step
2nd step
with your target leads using custom invitation message that helps us grab your prospects' attention.
3rd step
3rd step
industry-related news, company website, personal LinkedIn profile and updates to craft personalized outreach message to those leads who accepted our invitation.
4th step
4th step
your leads with eye-catching and valuable content with a clear call-to-action by sending a sequence of follow-ups.
5th step
5th step
your sales team by scheduling appointments with prospects who are ready to speak with you and continue nurturing those leads who need more time to make a decision.
6th step
6th step
acceptance rate of LinkedIn connection requests sent, outbound messages and InMails response rate, number of calls and meetings set and opportunities conversion rate.
Our multi-step prospect-driven strategy consists of continuously sending
Connection Request -> Intro messages -> Follow-ups
In the course of our lead generation projects, we always measure the effectiveness of all prospecting activities by tracking:
  • Acceptance rate of LinkedIn connection requests;
  • LinkedIn messages and InMails response rates;
  • Percentage of prospects who is interested in your product or service offering;
  • Number of calls and meetings set for you and your Sales team;
  • Number of qualified opportunities generated and conversion rate.
As a part of our LinkedIn services,
we would be happy to help you with the following activities:
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
    We start by assessing your personal LinkedIn profile to provide improvement recommendations, since it's look and content are crucially important for increasing invite acceptance and response rates.
  • Content strategy creation
    We design a specific content strategy to hit your goals, whether it's desire to share your knowledge and expertise with your industry or just stay visible within your network to support your personal brand.
  • LinkedIn profile growth
    We analyze the quality of your existing professional network, define the target contacts based on your outreach goals and design a specific outbound campaign to grow your LinkedIn profile.
  • Demand generation on LinkedIn
    We take care of demand generation process handling Leads research and targeting, sending LinkedIn invites and follow-up messages, nurturing your prospects, scheduling appointments and tracking results
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