OUtbound sales prospecting Services

Our team of SDRs takes care of compiling a comprehensive database of leads, designing an individual messaging approach and implementing a highly-customized outbound outreach strategy in order to generate interest to your business offering among your target prospects.

It has never been easier to grow your business with the help of experienced SDRs in a cost-effective way.

To help you scale your outbound sales reach Prosply team will act as an extension of your internal sales team and fill your sales pipeline with pre-qualified prospects and new opportunities. Our outbound sales prospecting service is designed for companies that would like to set up a sustainable lead generation engine and get all the benefits without the costs of hiring and training additional sales reps.
    1st step
    1st step
    Design an outbound sales prospecting strategy
    Together with your team we define an ideal buyer persona of the leads we'll research and contact and specific qualification criterias such as industry, geography (local, regional, global), company size, job title, technology, investment size, etc. In addition, Prosply offers support with providing verified contact data and validation of your current database records.
    2nd step
    2nd step
    Implement a personalized multi-channel outreach
    To get the highest possible response rate, we engage prospects through multiple channels. We connect with them where they feel most comfortable, be it reaching out through LinkedIn, sending an email or giving them a phone call for a live discussion. All of our messages are customized for every individual to provide you with the highest quality of leads, that are 5 times more likely to convert and accelerate your sales cycle.
    3rd step
    3rd step
    Nurture prospects with valuable content
    We believe in building relationships that last. Our team of SDRs will dedicate time to carefully nurture your prospects by sharing valuable content with them and sending regular follow-ups to establish trust and credibility. We'll help you turn prospects into long-term customers.
    4th step
    4th step
    Convert leads into calls and meetings for your sales team
    We support your growth and your sales team by scheduling introductory appointments with pre-qualified prospects who are ready to speak with you and learn more about your offering. Also, our SDR team will take care of nurturing those leads who need more time to make a decision to a follow-up calls and meetings.
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    We go where your customers are
    We implement a multi-channel outreach strategy via LinkedIn, Email and phone, which has proven to dramatically increase response and conversion rates.
    LinkedIn messaging
    LinkedIn is an amazing tool for research and targeting that we swear by. Additionally, we optimize your LinkedIn profile, grow your personal brand and professional network, nurture leads and track results. This channel allows us to build rapport with prospects and maximize response rates.
    Email Campaigns
    Email is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to prospects and send them relevant information about products and services. When used in combination with LinkedIn, we can further personalize our outreach and generate a greater interest in your offering.
    Cold Calling
    Phone is another major channel that we leverage to connect with prospects, as it allows us to have a live, two-way conversation. Including phone calls into our multi-channel outbound sales cadence boosts other channels and improves our overall conversion rate.
    Your dedicated Sales Prospecting team
    We offer you a dedicated team comprised of experienced Research Specialists and Sales Development Representatives who will work hard to provide you with the best results and reliable support.
    Research Specialists
    Our expert Research Specialists will be focused on thoroughly researching relevant companies and decision-makers to generate leads that are a perfect fit for your business. To deliver the best results, they will combine automatic and manual methods of lead verification using a combination of sources depending on the industry, among which are LinkedIn, Twitter, Crunchbase, AngelCo, Hoovers, Fortune and more.
    Sales Development Representatives
    Our experienced SDRs will be dedicated to crafting highly-customized messages to your target audience, supplying them with relevant content and turning them into sales opportunities. They are proficient in working with a number of sales tools and will use their skills to provide you with pre-qualified prospects on a regular basis.
    Project Manager
    The project will be handled by a dedicated Project Manager who will coordinate the process and make sure that all lead generation objectives are successfully met and your sales team is fully loaded with new prospects and opportunities to take care of.
    Success Stories
    Click this link to check out our successful outbound sales campaign
    for an AI SaaS Startup in the USA and find other case studies from our clients.

    100% Transparency
    We provide complete transparency into everything we do and you can reach us at any time in Slack. You will receive regular updates on our progress to ensure effective communication, as the best results are achieved when we work closely with our clients. At Prosply, we don't stand still - we strive to continuously improve by reevaluating our process and collaborating on new strategies together with the customer team.
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