Why to Outsource
B2B Lead Generation
to Prosply?
Our Sales Development team will fill your sales pipeline with pre-qualified leads and new opportunities, so you can focus on closing deals. Scale your personalized sales outreach today!
How We Work
Talk to our SDR team
Book an outbound sales strategy session and share your key cold outreach objectives with our team.
Evaluate your reach
We evaluate the size of your potential target audience and the number of leads and meetings we can generate for you.
Individual strategy
We design and execute a multi-channel prospecting strategy to generate a constant flow of leads to your business.
Appointments are set
Your calendar is full of calls and meetings with pre-qualified sales prospects for you to close!
We help you SCALE and GROW
What can you expect from Prosply?
5X higher conversion
We generate pre-qualified leads that are 5 times more likely to convert and accelerate your sales cycle.
53% increased productivity
Your sales team will get extra productive when delegating all outbound lead generation tasks to our SDRs.
Why Prosply
Because we deliver results.
Optimized Prospecting
We optimize your outbound prospecting by implementing a multi-touch outbound prospecting strategy.
Personalized Outreach Messages
We craft individual messages for each lead and design effective follow- up strategies that help to convert more prospects.
Tracking Results
We collect outreach KPIs and sales activity metrics that allow you to have full visibility into the process.
Course Correcting On The Go
We follow latest lead generation industry trends and course correct our sales prospecting strategy based on A/B testing.
Proven Track Record
65+ projects across Europe and the USA, 200k+ leads generated and 5X higher conversion.
Word-Class Support
Our team members provide reliable 24/7 support and respond to your questions and requests to ensure a smooth process.
Our clients love us
We hired Prosply to launch our regular sales campaigns after several attempts to organize the process internally. They helped us to run LinkedIn and email outreach to connect with IT companies potentially interested in our AI-enabled certification platform and determine their interest. Both execution and communication were at the highest level. Highly recommend Prosply to anyone who wants to get more leads!
Noorullah Akbari, Co-Founder & CEO
Rosalyn.ai, USA
Working with Prosply is an absolute pleasure. The team is professional, easy-going and consistently exceeds my expectations. They generated some fantastic leads for us on LinkedIn in the AI sector and delivered much better results than any other prospecting outsourcing service I've tried. We have worked together for more than six months and I've decided to increase the workload and scale the outreach through LinkedIn and email. I strongly recommend Prosply SDRs to anyone looking to scale their outbound sales!
Bennett Data Science, The USA
Zank Bennett, CEO
Success Stories
Click this link to check out our successful outbound sales campaign
for an AI SaaS Startup in the USA and find other case studies from our clients.
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About Us
We created Prosply with the main goal to support tech startups and medium-sized IT businesses in accelerating their outbound sales initiatives. Our team provides B2B Lead Generation and Sales Development services and strives to enhance the productivity of tech sales teams. We enable you to focus on winning new clients instead of spending your time on prospecting.