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Prosply is your reliable partner for the B2B Lead Generation and Outbound Sales Prospecting. We implement full-cycle Lead Generation strategy through LinkedIn and email by developing targeted prospect lists, designing individual messaging approach for each buyer persona, keeping your leads engaged and nurturing them into customers.
B2B Lead Generation
We precisely analyze your ideal buyer profile, assess your initial requirements and develop corresponding Lead Generation roadmap for generating new leads. Apart from this, we provide help with contact list enrichment, database update and clean-up, CRM setup and management.
Outbound Sales Prospecting
Our team of SDRs takes care of compiling a comprehensive database of leads, designing an individual messaging approach and implementing a highly-customized outbound reach out strategy in order to generate interest to your business offering among your target prospects.
Cold Email Campaigns
Cold emailing is an effective outreach approach for companies who are interested in contacting a large audience. Prosply helps to automate the leads workflow and collect such important metrics as open, click, response and interest rates constantly adjusting the strategy to meet your goals.
LinkedIn Profile Management
LinkedIn is one of the most powerful channels for generating new business opportunities. We help you to optimize your LinkedIn profile, build your personal brand and enrich your network with relevant connections by developing a personalized outreach strategy and building trustful relationships with new leads.
B2B Appointment Setting
We get in line with your internal sales professionals as an extension of your team, saving costs, time and effort. Our Specialists will connect you to the right decision-makers, identify their interest in your product or service offering and fill your calendar with qualified sales calls.
Virtual Personal Assistant
We know how valuable time is, especially when you are involved in sales and every moment can bring you a new client. Our specialists are willing to provide reliable support taking care of your daily routine to free up your schedule for higher-priority tasks and projects.
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Our happy customers
Tech startups
There are 1.35 million tech startups worldwide and this number significantly increases with every new year. We help tech entrepreneurs to emphasize the uniqueness of their solution by creating a customized outreach strategy, testing our messaging approach with their target audience and adjusting it based on the feedback and analytics data.
Software services companies
Each software development provider craves to find its niche, but the huge competition makes this process much more complicated. We precisely evaluate the unique benefits of our customers in order to compile an effective Lead Generation roadmap and fill their sales funnel with new opportunities.
Marketing & Advertising agencies
Around 56% of companies decide to hire a marketing & advertising agency instead of conducting everything in-house. We help marketing companies to discover new business opportunities and engage with businesses which are focusing on digital advertising initiatives more than traditional offline channels.
Staffing and Recruiting agencies
We support staffing and recruiting companies throughout their sales process and focus on both directions of their business - selling their services to companies that are actively hiring and generating a pool of candidates who are looking for their next great place to work.
Our customers love us
This is the only partner that delivered as promised. I tried about 10 others but no one kept his promise.

Always went a step ahead and pushed the task to perfection. Very communicative, very accurate. Definitely, recommend. Many thanks for a job well-done!
SaaS startup, The U.S.
I have really enjoyed engaging with the team at Prosply. All are very dedicated to their jobs and provide great customer service, are very responding to questions and requirements. I can highly recommend working with Prosply!
Qualito, Germany
Rainar Uett, CEO
We've certainly enjoyed working with you and our feedback is very positive, but unfortunately company policy prevents us from being cited on the sites of our partner agencies. That said, please know that we've seen a few Leads come through the door just this week from the startups campaign. We couldn't have done it without you, and hope you know that we value and appreciate the support you've given us.
Marketing company, UK
Project Manager
We engaged Prosply to help us connect with relevant contacts in our target industry. They were exceptional in their communication and when deciding between Prosply and other candidates the team most importantly asked the right questions to understand our business. When we began to work together they took initiative in their approach to getting in the business and managing our expectations. I would recommend Prosply for anyone looking to ramp up lead generation.
Northraine, Australia
Tanveer Bal, Product & Strategy
Tools we love:
Our Service Plans
Lead Gen
Kick Off
Sales Dev
Ramp Up
Biz Dev
20 hours learning & strategy
Dedicated team member
Pre-qualified Leads list
- 600/1200 per month
Persona-based messaging templates
Email outreach
Conversion tracking & KPI analytics
Individually personalized outreach
LinkedIn invites & messaging
On-site consulting*
(for 6 months contracts)
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About us
We created Prosply with the main goal to support tech startups and medium-sized IT businesses in accelerating their outbound sales initiatives. Our team provides B2B Lead Generation and Sales Development services and strives to enhance the productivity of IT sales teams. We enable you to focus on winning new clients instead of spending your time on prospecting.
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