Top 9 LinkedIn Profile Optimization tips
to follow in 2019

Your LinkedIn profile is an integral part of your personal brand. It's like your appearance, haircut, suit, watch, smartphone — altogether that creates or ruins the first impression, but only online.
How much do you care about your social reputation?

We've got a chance to work with a wide range of decision makers and sales executives from tech startups, small and medium-sized businesses who recognize the power of LinkedIn networking and decided to take advantage of proactive prospecting on LinkedIn. Diving deeper into a number of projects in the technology field, we noticed that every professional who wants to maximize his activities on LinkedIn faces the same challenges. Here they are:

  • Low LinkedIn invitations acceptance rate and profile views number.
  • Lack of trust from other professionals when starting a first conversation on LinkedIn.
  • Difficulties in building online credibility and authority in the industry you target.
  • Long lasting process of connecting and establishing rapport with new prospects.
  • Low engagement level and posts reach by the updates you share.
But what are these crucial steps that you need to follow in order to overcome these pitfalls on your way and build a trustful LinkedIn profile that will make your buyers want to connect with you?
To create an eye-catching LinkedIn profile you need to turn your profile in strategically purposed and professionally attractive one:

  • Choose professional personal profile and background pictures.
  • Create work relevant customized URL.
  • Brainstorm on your 5 seconds pitch headline.
  • Highlight a summary of your professional achievements and interests.
  • Provide detailed description of job responsibilities and goals accomplishments for each of your previous roles.
  • Don't forget about Skills and Endorsements section.
  • Mentioning all your Licenses & Certifications is a great idea as well.
  • Ask for recommendations - ask your current and previous colleagues to share their feedback about your work, everyone loves seeing ratings and reviews!
  • Last but not the least - your activity feed! LinkedIn can reward you in many ways for using their platform on a regular basis, sharing industry news and producing your own content for iLinkedIn user base.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile will help you to build some trust even prior to talking to your prospects, to increase acceptance rate greatly and actually rise the chance of nurturing your cold connections into a warm audience eager to jump on an introductory call with you and learn more about your service or product offering.

To stand out among more than 600 million of LinkedIn users we can help you by providing a set of recommendations and instructions on how to enhance your LinkedIn profile and improve overall social presence or completely rewrite your LinkedIn profile if needed, so you could utilize the power of your personal brand and social networks to the fullest.
The Author:
Alena Bohomol, Co-Founder of Prosply
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